Online Suppliers of DISCRETE COMPONENTS from

Suppliers of DISCRETE COMPONENTS from Online Electronic Store

Capacitors Circuit Protection / PTC Crystals / Oscillators Diodes - Bridges/Rectifiers - Single/Array

Diodes - Zener - Single/Array EMI / RFI Suppressors Fuses / Fuse Holders GDTs / NEON Lamps

IGBTs Inductors / Ferrite Chip,Bead LEDs / IR LEDs / UV LEDs MOSFETs / JFETs / FET / Prog.UJTs

MOV / TVS / ESD Opto-Coupler/IsolatorsPotentiometers POTs / Rheostat Power Drivers - Modules

Power transformers

Pulse transformers Resistors Sensors / Transducers

Thyristors - SCRs/ Triac / Diacs Transistors( BJTs ) - Single/Array Trimmer / Variable Capacitors Trimmer / Variable Resistors

Variable Capacitance Diodes (Varicaps, Varactors)

we are the electronics online stores FINISHED GOODS

Digital Multimeters Electronic Scale External Hard Disks Frequency Counters

Function Generators Lux Meters Oscilloscopes Spectrum Analyzers/ LAB Instruments

Test Bench Power Supplies Thermometers USB Memory Cards Water level Controller


Gyroscopes Interface - Sensor and Detector Interfaces AC/DC Converters, Offline Switchers Active Filters

Active Switch - High side / Low side Amplifiers: Linear - OP Amps / Buffer Amps / Audio Analog Front Ends (AFEs) Analog Multiplier / Dividers

Analog to Digital Converters (ADCs) Audio Conditioning Ballast Controllers Battery Management

Clock/Timing - Delay Lines Comparators Complex Programmable Logic Devices - CPLDs DC DC Switching Controllers

Delay Lines Digital Logic ICs – AND/NOT/OR/FF/Latch etc Digital Potentiometers Digital Signal Processors - DSP

Digital To Analog Converters - DACs Display Drivers Drivers – MOSFET / IGBT Energy Metering Controllers

EPROM / EEPROM / FLASH FPGAs Frequency to Voltage Converters Interface - Controllers

Interface - Specialized LED Drivers Logic - Translators Micro Controllers/Processors

Motor Controllers Power Factor Controllers - PFCs Power Management Programmable Logic Devices

RAM Real Time Clocks - RTCs Security ICs / Authentication ICs Switches – Analog & Digital

Thermal Management Timing Controllers Transceivers Video Conditioning / Controllers

Voice Recorder Chips Voltage References / Regulators Voltage to Frequency Converters


Drivers - LED Lights Fixtures LED Bulbs LED Down Lights

LED Flood Lights LED Panel Lights LED Street Lights LED Tube Lights


Isolated, Non-Isolated - Step Up Down Transformer Adhesive, Silicon gel, Potting Epoxy, Tapes etc Audio Spares-Speakers/Buzzers/Microphone etc Batteries

Bobbin Cables, Probes, Clips, Ferrules and Connectors Card readers and storage systems Component Racks & Storage systems

Computer accessories Cooling Fans DC-DC Converters / Modules Displays

Electro Mechanicals - Relays Electro Static (ESD) Control Enclosures / General Purpose Boxes Gadgets

Heat Sinks, Thermal Grease, Insulation Sleeve Hobby/Electronics Kits & Boards Knobs LED Holders

Lens / Diffusers Magnets MCPCB Memory Connectors - Card Sockets

Memory Modules Motors - DC, AC, Stepper Optical fiber accessories Opto Products - Other

Power Sockets/Plugs Power Supplies Prototyping IC Adapters RF Modules

Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Washers etc Shipment Coupons Sockets, Jumpers, Wire wraps / Cable ties Solar

Soldering & Production utilities Solenoids Switches, Reed relays, Contactors Tools,

Voltmeter, you can buy all of these online.

Electronic Components

Online store for Prototype Kits - Electronic Components- Online Store

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